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The prices depend on materials used, quantity of material and the amount of finish work done by the sculptor. Pieces are available in marble, open and limited edition or original, cold cast bronze and hot poured bronze. The limited edition and original pieces are hand carved individually by the sculptor and made for the person commissioning the work. Each one is a unique piece of art work. The detail and surface texture are museum quality. The prices of these pieces are appropriately higher than the open edition pieces.   The open edition pieces are modestly or low priced priced for those looking for a decoration piece instead of an original work of art. The open edition pieces are solid castings made in bonded marble from a mold of Dr. Lanzalotti's but hand finished just as the original hand carved busts.  The detail is significant and the image is very faithful to the Houdon originals making this a very good value for the price.

In addition, there are discounts available for those buying in quantity in all categories. I also offer discounts to institutions such as schools and museums. Call for wholesale prices.

When you call or e-mail expressing an interest please describe what you are looking for: an original museum quality  sculpture or a low cost figurine.

Retail prices range from $200.00 a piece to $25,000.00 a piece for busts. Other sculpture, full length statues and monuments are individually and competitively priced.

Original sculpture life sized and three quarter life sized busts carved out of top of the line micro-crystalline, flawless, white, Bianco P Carrera block marble range from $10,000.00 to $25,000.00 a piece. The same busts individually hand carved out of bonded marble are less. They range in price from $3,500.00 to $8,000.00 depending on size and complexity. The detail, final texture and feel of these busts are identical. (see examples below)

The same pieces in smaller sizes: one quarter life size and one third life size and one half life size open edition castings in bonded marble are in the $200.00 to $850.00 range depending on the size and complexity. These busts have surface texture compatible have a significant amount of detail and hand carving.  The one half life size is the best value  for the cost.( see examples below)


Packing and Shipping are not included in the price of the sculpture and are the responsibility of the purchaser. Arrangements can be made at:

 UPS Store

Phone: (757) 503-5806


If you are interested in purchasing a portrait sculpture, please call 757-503-5806 to discuss purchase details.

Hand Carved Solid Bonded Marble Sculpture




Denis Diderot

Hand carved Carrera block marble Life Size


Ben Franklin

Hand carved bonded marble one half Life size




Open edition one half life size


Relative Bust Sizes


Hand carved bonded marble Washington Life Size *

Open edition Lafayette one half Life size

Open Edition Jefferson One -third life size


Hand Carved bonded marble Lafayette three-quarter life size

Open edition Lafayette one-half life size

Open Edition Jefferson one-third life size



* George Wasington(Mt Vernon), Ben Franklin and Diderot life size are 23 inches high. All others are 27-30 inches high



Please contact Dr. Lanzalotti directly for individual prices.







If you e-mail me to inquire about the price or sculpture please don't use the "bust" in the subject line. Please use the words "portrait sculpture" instead. The word bust identifies it as spam and will be removed by the spam killer.